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November 2012

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Going Deeper Than 'Hi!' Subscriber access only

Why taking the time to invest in relationships is important
The Adventure of Advent

The Adventure of Advent Subscriber access only

9 ideas for transforming the season
When Friendships Go too Far

When Friendships Go too Far Subscriber access only

Guarding against emotional affairs

Does Doubt Have a Place in the Church? Subscriber access only

I found my suspicions were necessary for my faith. Here’s why.
Confront Conflict with Courage

Confront Conflict with Courage Subscriber access only

You 'can' respond to adversity in a God-honoring way.
You Can Have Healthier Holiday Relationships with Your In-Laws

You Can Have Healthier Holiday Relationships with Your In-Laws Subscriber access only

Some tips for planning and being together

Joyful Living Every Day Subscriber access only

Our days are packed—but how much do we really enjoy our routines?
The Danger of Christianese

The Danger of Christianese Subscriber access only

How our church language can do more to exclude people than draw them to Jesus.
Standing Up to Old Bullies

Standing Up to Old Bullies Subscriber access only

Lynda Frederick had been bullied in high school. Now 25 years later, she faces her enemies again—this time on her terms.
2 Holiday Tips for Parents

2 Holiday Tips for Parents Subscriber access only

Under seasonal stress, remember to STOP and HALT
Family Dodgeball...I Mean, Thanksgiving Dinner

Family Dodgeball...I Mean, Thanksgiving Dinner

Get-togethers might be rough—remember you are precious to God
Appetite for Living

Appetite for Living

I lost weight by taking better care of both my body and my marriage

What Shalom Taught Me about Reaching the Lost

When we approach evangelism with the sole purpose of restoring people spiritually, we’re missing our calling.

How I Freed Myself from Biblical Limits

What I do when I get trapped in the pharisaical maze of having to do everything right.

Hurting . . . Alone?

God's silence doesn't mean God is absent.
Becoming the "New Mommy"

Becoming the "New Mommy"

When I committed my life to Christ, my parenting changed—and my daughter was confused.
A Marriage with Something Real

A Marriage with Something Real

With God's help, refuse to settle for "fine."

Is "Overthinking" a Blessing or a Curse?

How I turned my excitable stream of consciousness into a daily devotional practice.
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