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Hurting . . . Alone?

God's silence doesn't mean God is absent.
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Finally Finding Answers

After two years of seeking an answer from optometrists, dentists, specialists, and numerous family doctors, I was finally diagnosed for one part of my mysterious health problems. Instructed by my new family doctor to chart my daily food intake, hormonal changes, and local weather, I diligently complied. In that process I gave up my daily morning mocha habit … and found relief! I believe God took away my craving for my sweet morning wake-up fix in order to show me that it was triggering migraines. To this day, I am migraine-free.

Six years later I discovered the answer to the second part of my health mystery. I'd reached a point at which I was tired of seeing doctors and sick of having my hopes for an answer repeatedly dashed. Then one day, as I was flipping through a magazine and waiting for my son to finish his dental appointment, an answer found me. A diagram in the magazine of red circles down the back of a person's neck, shoulders, and upper back grabbed my attention. The caption explained it was a depiction of the tender points on the body related to a chronic illness called fibromyalgia. Soon afterward I went to another new family doctor who, after examining me, concluded that I did indeed suffer from fibromyalgia.

Strangely, I was thrilled to hear the diagnosis—it wasn't a mystery anymore! Though I still suffer from chronic pain, I'm now free of the worry and fear that gripped me when I didn't know its cause.

God desires to free us from the grip of stress and anxiety. But God also allows us the freedom to choose whether we'll remain bound to worry and fear or if we'll choose to remain free. We may not come out of a tough circumstance unscathed, but when we choose trust and freedom, our attitude and joy won't be harmed by life's difficulties. We can remain free in God as we remember Paul's words: "Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he does. Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:6-7).

Cindy Pocapalia lives with her husband and two children in California.

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Dynelle Lentz

November 14, 2012  8:31pm

Life can fill with so much heartache. Especially, when it effects our health. I also have Fibro, along with many other health issues as a result of third disease. It has been a long hard road that causes me to loose hope. It seems like every year it is something else. It is difficult for me to be positive. I was praying out to God just yesterday while fishing in the cold and pouring down rain with no response. God are you really there? Although I know the answer is with me always. I wonder how much more can my mind and body take. Its funny because my friend nicknamed me Jobnelle I have to giggle. Whatee can a person do. I'm waiting patiently for the Lords response. I know he loves anares for me just as he does the sparrow.

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Donna Wright

November 11, 2012  2:53pm

Thank you. This so reminded me of me. Your story made me feel less alone. I'm still having strange unexplained health problems. I have been for tests with the results coming back fine. God bless you. I sense His love for you!

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Judith I. Napoli

November 10, 2012  9:07am

I enjoyed the article greatly and can identify with every aspect of it. I too am a fibromyalgia sufferer and have been on a long journey of understanding God's plan for my life. He has guided me each step of the way over the past 14 years. I have the assurance that even in the "lonely, where are you?" God times that God was indeed there working out every detail of my life. I can tell others from my own experience to never give up and keeping pressing in to God! As you seek Him, you will find Him!

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