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February 2013

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Tear Down Attitudes of Entitlement

Tear Down Attitudes of Entitlement Subscriber access only

Kids can learn habits that will help them for the rest of their lives.
Parenting Children with Mental Illness

Parenting Children with Mental Illness Subscriber access only

6 lessons I've learned

Too Fat, Too Thin, or Just Right? Subscriber access only

Discerning a healthy approach to body issues
Don't Say, "We Grew Apart"

Don't Say, "We Grew Apart" Subscriber access only

In marriage, we are the gardeners, not the plants
Why Your Friend Needs Jesus: Tough Love and Evangelism

Why Your Friend Needs Jesus: Tough Love and Evangelism Subscriber access only

In my effort to accept my non-Christian friend, was I being too "quiet" about the gospel?
Stress Relief through Storytelling

Stress Relief through Storytelling Subscriber access only

A new study by the American Psychological Association shows that 20- and 30somethings are the most stressed generation in America. Here’s how the church can help them cope.

Nothing is Impossible With God Subscriber access only

Even at age 88, missionary Rose Marie Miller still looks to prayer and powerful women in the Bible to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.
Evangelicals and Catholics: Let's Celebrate Our Similarities

Evangelicals and Catholics: Let's Celebrate Our Similarities Subscriber access only

My perspective as a convert to Catholicism
Abiding in Christ at Camp

Abiding in Christ at Camp Subscriber access only

Rachel Browne plunges toilets, paints buildings, and invites 3,000 attendees per year to a camp in Manchester, Jamaica—all while raising three children, volunteering in her local community, and abiding in Christ.
Pop The Balloon

Pop The Balloon Subscriber access only

My father's advice gave our marriage a great start
Why We Should Pray for the President

Why We Should Pray for the President Subscriber access only

With great power comes great responsibility—and an immense need for prayer.
Single Women: You Don't Want What You Think You Want

Single Women: You Don't Want What You Think You Want Subscriber access only

Sexual chemistry and infatuation can cloud your judgment of your man’s character. Here’s how to avoid disillusioned dating.
Protecting Innocence

Protecting Innocence Subscriber access only

We're all responsible to stop child sexual abuse
Cue the Demanding Foot Tap

Cue the Demanding Foot Tap Subscriber access only

It's Valentine's Day
Bored with God

Bored with God Subscriber access only

Has your relationship with the Almighty grown stale?
I'm Giving Up Makeup for Lent

I'm Giving Up Makeup for Lent Subscriber access only

The exposure just might help me discover a few things about self-worth underneath it all.
Teaching Kids to Take Initiative

Teaching Kids to Take Initiative Subscriber access only

Techniques for training them to do it themselves
Marriage Is for Holiness, Not Just Happiness

Marriage Is for Holiness, Not Just Happiness Subscriber access only

How our marriage has made us better people
Lessons from a Clothes Shopping Fast

Lessons from a Clothes Shopping Fast Subscriber access only

Distinguishing between needs and wants—and why it's important to our souls.
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