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Kim Kardashian's Malibu Nanny

Kim Kardashian's Malibu Nanny

Pam Behan opens up about keeping the faith in Malibu's material world
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Kim's recent foray into motherhood has the Kardashian family in the limelight once again. The family stars in E! Network's show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," which has drawn over 4 million viewers at its height. The family has become famous for their loud, dynamic personalities, various entrepreneurial endeavors, and involvement with socialites and Hollywood A-listers.

The Kardashians don't display Christian faith publicly on the show, but TCW recently caught up with Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert's childhood nanny, Pam Behan, about the roles faith, prayer, and discipline played in the Kardashians' upbringing under her mentorship.

Because Kim just had her first baby with rapper Kanye West, TCW decided to catch up with the nanny who cared for, prayed for, and mentored Kim for five years in the late 90s to hear about the challenges of pursuing faith inside the walls of Southern California's beachfront mansions.

'Keeping up with the Kardashians'

When Pam began looking after the Kardashian kids, Kourtney was 11, Kim was 10, Khloe was 6, and Robert was nearly 4. Pam worked as their full-time live-in nanny, family cook, and as Kris' personal assistant, all while paying her way through school at Pepperdine on a half-scholarship. This made for a packed schedule, working from 5 a. m. until nearly midnight every weekday, and waitressing at a nearby restaurant on the weekends.

In the five years that Pam spent as the Kardashian nanny, she saw it all. From taking the girls out shopping for their favorite white baby tees (which became too small for wearing after just one round in the wash) to kicking Kourtney and her boyfriend out of her parents' bedroom during high school, Pam witnessed the all of the love, drama, and fashion that make the Kardashian family infamous.

Though the Kardashians were well-disciplined, faith, as far as she could tell, was not a part of their lives. Pam would pray with the kids before bed (and before meals when their parents were away), and the girls went to Catholic school, but other than one Easter vacation with family friends Steve and Candace Garvey, Pam never attended church with the family. The only other service Pam can recall the family attending during her many years with them was the memorial service for Nicole Brown Simpson.

Pam was also the one kicking Kourtney and Kim's friends out of the house at 2 a. m. from parties they liked to host when their parents were out of town. But Pam attests that they were a great set of kids. Though they liked to host parties, she characterizes these as less like "ragers," and more like "a small group of friends, rap music (playing loudly), snacks, and sodas."

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July 13, 2013  11:29am

Interesting article. I've watched the shows a few times and I read the book "Kardashian Konfidential" and in the book they did talk about going to church regularly with their parents (at least when Kris and Robert were married) and reading the Bible and "The Purpose-Driven Life." And Kris apparently helped to found a church that she still attends. I don;t know if all that was put-on, especially since none of this comes across in the TV shows and the nanny says otherwise. And Kathie Lee Gifford is Kris's close friend so it seems like they do have some Christian influences in their life. Though it does not seem to affect their behavior too much.

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July 13, 2013  10:51am

I'm disappointed that TCW would post an article of this sort, which smacks of tabloid journalism. Perhaps if no celebrity names had been mentioned, and Pam merely talked about her experience, I would feel differently.

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July 12, 2013  2:56pm

As an individual who actually lives in Malibu, and participates in one of our strong faith communities, I must say the people I know that live here are people of great faith, and not materialistic at all. There are some that say they live here, but simply have vacation homes here they rarely if ever visit, and then others that stay here more, but are not really part of the community, and for them I cannot speak. For the real residents of Malibu who prefer jeans and yoga pants over the latest trends and drive minivans and trucks as opposed to what is presumed by some (Porsche's and Tesla's), I salute them for their unwavering love for God and their willingness to be a true neighbor and friend, sans the botox injection, and $500 pedicure.

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