Christy Nockels on Living with Passion

Thoughts from an internationally renowned worship leader on how to make the everyday mundane something glorious.

Christy Nockels is a wife, mother, and internationally renowned worship leader and recording artist familiar with both the rush of the stage and the everyday mundane. As a Passion Conference worship leader, her music has inspired thousands of university-aged students worldwide to sing, dance, and raise millions of dollars to combat human trafficking around the globe. Passion's most recent album, Let the Future Begin, was released yesterday.

As a suburban mom living in Atlanta with her husband and three children, Christy recently opened up to TCW about how to make everyday tasks become something glorious by welcoming Jesus into our hearts, homes, and minivans.

You have 3 children at home: Noah (12), Elliana (10), and Annie Rose (5). Talk briefly about your work/life balance, and the priorities of faith, family, and marriage in your life.

When I took some time off from touring and producing records with Watermark in 2006, I had to re-learn how to run my house. We'd been touring so much before we had kids, and when the kids were tiny, I didn't really know how to care for my house. I'd cook food and take care of things at home, but true foundation building takes time, and your heart has to be in it.

One of the sweetest things I clung to during that time was Psalm 37. I was saved when I was seven years old through the message of Psalm 37:5 on a wall plaque in my house: "Commit your way to the Lord, and trust in him." I still wanted to sing and write, but God was bringing me back to this foundation for being a mom and a wife first. I meditated on Psalm 37:4: "Delight yourself in Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart." If I found my satisfaction and delight in him, he would give me those desires.

Coming off the road was so sweet, and for now, I'm touring again a little bit, but I'm able to keep my focus on being a wife and mom. I know God will take care of the desires of my heart, but I've got to hit the mark of family being first. It's a journey that I want to be able to encourage others in as well.

What encouragement do you have for mothers in homes today?

I think if there's anything that women struggle with day to day is that the mundane can be more crushing and immobilizing than we realize in the moment. We think these moments of picking up the kids and going to work don't feel very glorious or spiritual, but God really is with us in the mundane. I have to open myself up every moment to be invited into the glorious, and I'm going to invite my kids into that as well. I'm going to write songs in my minivan. A lot of my album Into the Glorious was written in my car singing into my iPhone, praying prayers, asking God to somehow shape some songs in the middle of everyday life.

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