The Marks of a Great Woman

Scripture’s revelation and reminder of who we were created to be

Modestly Dressed: A woman who is marked by greatness loves God and seeks to represent herself in a way that is appropriate and pleasing to God (1 Timothy 2:9).

Trustworthy/Honest: A women of greatness is one who makes it her aim to speak the truth. She isn't trying to be deceptive or misleading, and her purpose isn't to intentionally cause anyone to fall because of her actions (Proverbs 7:5, 21–23 and Proverbs 31:11–12). She is a sister that you can come to and know that she is going to tell you the truth, even "openly rebuke you" if necessary, with love and a desire to see you mature and go forward.

Gentle Spirit: A woman marked by greatness is one who is gentle in her conduct. She is not loud, boisterous, aggressive or intimidating (Proverbs 9:13). She recognizes that to be a woman marked by greatness she must exemplify "spiritual inner beauty," which is an "unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight" (1 Peter 3:4).

Takes Care of Family: A woman marked by greatness always makes sure her family is well taken care of and has all of its needs met (Proverbs 31:13–15, 21, 27).

When we look at all of the characteristics or attributes of a great woman, it wouldn't be right for me to not mention some powerful biblical examples of great godly women:

Ruth is noted as hardworking (Ruth 2:7, 17), teachable (Ruth 3:5), loving (Ruth 4:15) and faithful (Ruth 1:16–17).

Esther is noted as brave (Esther 4:11, 5:1–2), wise (Esther 4:15–16, 5:3–8), and teachable (Esther 2:15).

Sarah trusted God (Hebrews 11:11)

Mary surrendered to the will of God (Luke 1:38).

Rebekah was kind (Genesis 24:18–20) and hardworking (Genesis 24:20).

Priscilla is noted as being biblically knowledgeable, wise, and an excellent teacher (Acts 18:24–26), and she and her husband Aquila often opened up their home to others ((1 Corinthians 16:19).

These are just a few exemplary examples of great women in the Bible. I have been very encouraged by my research of these great women, and my charge to all of us as women marked by greatness is to always make it our aim in all we do to serve and honor God. God is at the forefront of all that we do, and we must seek him and acknowledge him in everything (Matthew 6:33). Without God, we can do nothing! If we follow God's direction, and walk according to his purpose and plan for our lives, then and only then can we be women "marked by greatness!"

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Jennifer Workman is a writer, speaker, web designer, editor, and author. Connect with her on her website.

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