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Laura Story: I Can Just Be Me

Laura Story: I Can Just Be Me

A global music video premiere from this Grammy-award winning artist

Grammy-award winning worship artist Laura Story knows God is faithful through the good and the bad times. Her Grammy-award winning song, Blessings, was inspired by her husband's diagnosis of a brain tumor 48 hours after she was offered a record deal seven years ago. As they worked through treatment together, had their first child, and began to minister with music around the world, Laura continued to discover who God created her to be. Her forthcoming album, God of Every Story, is a testament to those memories, and releases September 30.

"God of Every Story is a collection of songs about where God's love and grace intersect with our real life situations," Laura says. "It's about God working all things together for good and love always winning. It's a celebration of God's faithfulness, even when we don't always understand his plan this side of heaven."

The world premiere of Story's first single off of her forthcoming album, "I Can Just Be Me," is recorded in the music video above. Its lyrics are an honest depiction of our continual dependence on and need to surrender to Jesus Christ as savior:

"So be my healer / Be my comfort / be my peace
Because I can be broken / I can be needy /
Lord I need you now to be my God so I can just be me."

"I hate to appear that I'm needy, but I am a needy person because God created me that way," Laura says. "I'm learning just to submit and honor his role as God in my life. A majority of problems in my life come from me trying to play a role I was never intended to play. I try to be God in so many situations in my life—whether it's trying to control a situation, or a person, or trying to manipulate something. When I really acknowledge his place as God and my place as his child, it's a really freeing thing for me. God writes the story—I just get to be a character in it. Hopefully it's a character that brings him a lot of glory."

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Laura Story is the worship leader at Perimeter Church outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and lives with her husband Martin and her daughter Josie. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and on her website.

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