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A Marriage On Its Knees

A Marriage On Its Knees

I’ve discovered the best way to fight for our relationship—prayer
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Not long after I got married, I formed a group for women to get together to pray for our husbands. I knew the statistics, the threats against marriages today. I didn't want mine to become one of the statistics. So I talked to the director of women's ministry, got her permission, and started telling others about my idea.

Before long, five to ten of us met each week before Bible study. I had a handout we used to pray over various aspects of our husbands' lives: their roles in the house, their spiritual fervor, for them to walk with integrity, and so much more.

Although our numbers were little, our prayers were anything but. We prayed with a reckless abandon, asking God to shape the men we adored into people who more and more portrayed his goodness, grace, and mercy to those they met.

We quickly had to change the format of our prayer time because we could no longer pray for God to cleanse our hearts and then dive into covering our husbands: We first had to stop and give praise reports as every week we witnessed our husbands doing things that we had prayed about the week before.

I became more eager each night for Allen to get home, anxious to hear about his day. One morning our group had been praying for our men to be bolder in sharing about God to others.

"Stacy, you wouldn't believe it. I was in that gas station that I always deliver the mail to and I just had the strongest sense that I was supposed to stop and tell the owner about Jesus. Remember the guy I told you about? The one who is Muslim? Well, we had the most fascinating conversation about Christ for 30 minutes. I decided just to call that my lunch break. I've never been that courageous before, but something just came over me and I…I…hey, what's that huge grin on your face for?"

But while half of us were announcing incredible praises, the other half did just the opposite. You see, the thing I never could have predicted when starting my little prayer group was that it would attract both those who had strong marriages and wanted to see them improve even more, as well as those who were turning to corporate prayer as their last hope. The time of crying, complaining, wishing, and whining filled what was supposed to be set apart for prayer. When I tried to curb it, some said I was insensitive and didn't allow them to share their pain. Each week our time with heads bowed lessened. At a loss for how to handle the dichotomy in the group, I decided to pray for Allen on my own.

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Edith Ngozi

January 19, 2014  11:28am

I read your article at a time when am at crossroads in my marriage.God used to wake me.Thank you so much

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Stacy Voss

January 17, 2014  8:39pm

Brenda, After living in Latin America, I completely understand where you are coming from. While I used the story of my prayer group with the intent of showing how it got me started on how to diligently pray for my husband and our marriage, my goal was to portray the importance of prayer in marriage, regardless of if it is corporately or individually. I'd also suggest forming a private FB group or something of the sort with like-minded people if you're looking for community in prayer. Or, I'd love to be your virtual prayer partner if you're open to that. I don't want to post my email address here, but you can contact me via my website: www.eyesofyourheart.com Just putting it out there if you're interested, but it might be amazing to "see" what could happen from our international prayers! Many blessings to you, Stacy

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January 17, 2014  6:30am

Good idea, but what if you leave in a country - brazil.. for example where people are not --open about having prayers at home.. or the women are really closed and the culture is not to share private life and not to be in to each others business.. in that setting is almost impossible to find a prayer partner.. I have tried, many times unsuccessful and that is inside the church of course..among christians.. they have a stonghold of distrust and closessness that first needs to be broken so Gods command of carry each other burdends can even start to happen...

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