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July Week 4 issue

July Week 4, 2014

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More Than a Bake SaleSubscriber Access Only
How can we help women grow in their walk with God?
The Future of Women's Ministry
The Future of Women's Ministry
5 practical ideas for getting younger women more involved
Feeling Like a Misfit in Women's MinistrySubscriber Access Only
Why do so many women's ministry programs miss the mark?
Why Leaders Need Mentors Too
Why Leaders Need Mentors TooSubscriber Access Only
You're stronger when you don't try to lead on your own
3 Key Shifts that Could Change the Face of Women's Ministry
3 Key Shifts that Could Change the Face of Women's MinistrySubscriber Access Only
I couldn't understand why so many young women in the church weren't attending women's ministry events. Then I started asking questions.

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Don't Judge a Tea by Its Doily
Don't Judge a Tea by Its Doily
Not all churches underchallenge women.

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