Why Leaders Need Mentors Too

You're stronger when you don't try to lead on your own

I'm forever grateful for the mentors who have taken a risk on me. Mentors have stood up for me and have stood with we when others walked away. They've made room for me to grow by sharing or creating opportunities. One mentor gave up his own platform at a national event so I could stand on it. Another invited me to co-lead a mission trip even though I was the youngest and least experienced person on the team.

Who has supported you as a leader even in the face of opposition? Who has taken a risk on you, opening doors of opportunity?

Lead . . . with a mentor

So yes, ladies, I see you. First to arrive and last to leave, you lead the way! I pray for one gift for your leadership journey: a mentor. A mentor who will help you discover and realize your potential. Someone who offers perspective, reminding you of your purpose here on earth, no matter what the cost. A mentor with a fresh pair of eyes and insights that make you a better leader. A person who is willing to take a risk on you, opening up new frontiers of opportunity and wider influence. And my prayer, too, is that one day you'll mentor other leaders.

Originally from England, Jo Saxton is an editorial advisor for Today's Christian Woman and is a pastor based in Minneapolis. Jo is a director for 3DM, a movement with a vision to change the world by putting discipleship and mission back into the hands of ordinary people. She is the author of three books, including More than Enchanting, which explore the subject of women in leadership. Jo is married to Chris and they have two fabulous daughters.

Jo Saxton

Jo Saxton is a TCW advisor, a director in 3DM, and the author of More than Enchanting. Jo and her husband Chris have two amazing daughters. Follow her on Twitter at @josaxton.

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Mentoring; Purpose; Reflection; Relationships; Risk-Taking; Role models; Support
Today's Christian Woman, July Week 4, 2014
Posted July 23, 2014

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