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Challenging Seniors to Ministry

Challenging Seniors to Ministry

Resources to help those in the last third of life to invest it wisely.


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Balancing Ministry and Family

Balancing Ministry and Family Subscriber access only

Three strategies for resisting family burnout and building a missional purpose together
Dating Myself

Dating Myself Subscriber access only

My choice to get to know myself better—and have a great time in the process
Parenting Doesn't End with Graduation

Parenting Doesn't End with Graduation

How to help your kids leave home with a faith of their own
The Adoption Crisis, Part 2

The Adoption Crisis, Part 2

Adoption as an answer to a tragedy, not an impetus for one
Humility at the Altar

Humility at the Altar Subscriber access only

None of us are truly good enough for communion—but maybe that’s the point.

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Our editors have compiled the best on Women's Ministry topics from the archives. Here you'll find fresh, relevant, and honest articles that makes Today's Christian Woman a mentor to thousands of women.

What Women's Ministry Can Be

I finally learned about identity, mission, and worth
Why This?
God-honoring women's ministry equips us to understand our worth, embrace our gifts, and live God's mission in our lives.
Breaking Down Fences

Breaking Down Fences

Blessed are the peacemakers
5 Reasons to Quit Your Church

5 Reasons to Quit Your Church Subscriber access only

But why you should stay anyway
Does It Have Your Name On It?

Does It Have Your Name On It?

You don't have to be overcommitted.
3 Key Shifts that Could Change the Face of Women's Ministry

3 Key Shifts that Could Change the Face of Women's Ministry

I couldn't understand why so many young women in the church weren't attending women's ministry events. Then I started asking questions.

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Church + Outreach

Church + Outreach

Jesus told us to go into the world and share the good news of the gospel. So we model and testify to those outside the Christian faith, to introduce them to Jesus and the kingdom of God. We honor God and others by making a difference in someone's life through thoughtful and loving help, advocacy, and compassion. We go beyond ourselves to act for the good of others and to promote the work and heart of God in our communities and around the world.


We all have experiences that have grown us and given us wisdom. But they do no good if we don’t share what we have learned—and they certainly do us no good if we do not seek wisdom from others who have traveled the road before us.
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