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Seven Ways to Protect Your Child from Cyberporn

  1. Keep your home computer in a common area, like the den, not in a bedroom where a child can "disappear" for hours.
  2. Learn about the online areas your child visits. One helpful video: "A Parent's Guide to the Internet" ($19.95, "Enough Is Enough!").
  3. Don't allow your kids into chat rooms, unless they are "Kids Only Chat Rooms" that are securely monitored by the online service.
  4. Investigate software blocking packages, such as "Rated PG" ($49.95, "Enough Is Enough!"), which allow parents or teachers to program areas the child can access, block objectionable material, and even limit online hours.
  5. Ask your child not to download any file unless you've approved it.
  6. Warn your child never to give out his or her name, address, phone number, or password online.
  7. Become computer-literate and Internet-savvy yourself. It's the best protection you could give your child!

Adapted from "Enough Is Enough!" materials. Copyright "Enough Is Enough!"

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