Who Done It?

Crime and criminals are as old as mankind. The Bible, which records the world's first murder in Genesis 4:8, often reads like a police blotter. Test your detective skills and your Bible knowledge by matching these suspects to their crimes

List of suspects

Saul, Samson, Aaron, Jezebel, Gomer, Onesimus, Simon, Herod, Rachel, Jacob's sons, Amnon, Zedekiah's men, Judas, Pilate, Lot

1. The Crime: Theft

Clues: The victim claimed that his household idols were stolen around the same time that his two daughters, his son-in-law, and his grandchildren left town. When searched, the criminal sat on the stolen evidence to conceal it.

2. The Crime: Unlawful Imprisonment

Clues: The perpetrators imprisoned the victim in a cistern where he nearly starved to death. Their motive was to deny him the right to proclaim God's word.

3. The Crime: Attempted Bribery

Clues: The suspect, a well-known sorcerer, resorted to bribery in an attempt to gain the power to lay hands on people and have them receive the Holy Spirit.

4. The Crime: Sorcery

Clues: The culprit was seen entering the home of a well-known witch after dark. He participated in a seance, conjuring up the dead in order to learn the outcome of an upcoming battle.

5. The Crime: Obstruction of Justice

Clues: When confronted with the evidence of wrongdoing (in this case, idolatry), this leader denied responsibility saying, "I threw [the gold] into the fire, and out came this calf!"

6. The Crime: Child Abandonment

Clues: The suspect abandoned her husband and children for her lovers. The victim, who questioned whether the children were even his own, later bought his adulterous wife back from slavery.

7. The Crime: Theft

Clues: Although the suspect, a slave, stole from his master before running away, a reliable evangelist testified that the culprit was a changed man. The preacher offered to pay back what the suspect had stolen.

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