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Great Dates

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The Road Less Traveled

This is one of our favorite dates and one you can do any time of the day. Let your sense of adventure lead you on a "Yellow Road Date." (On our map, the back roads are yellow.)

  1. Choose a 40-mile radius around where you live.
  2. Pick a back road on your map and follow it for at least 10 miles. Avoid interstates and four-lane highways.
  3. Pass up fast food or chain restaurants. Instead, stop at any interesting place you find. You'll be amazed at what, and who, you discover. Do the same for any shopping or sightseeing you decide to do. We've found everything from great antiques to wooly worm races.
  4. Get out and walk in the woods, or just find a quiet spot to sit and talk. Keep your conversation focused on the two of you, not work, money, or the kids. Tell your spouse one "back road" of your personality that he or she brings out. Maybe he helps you be more confident, or she encourages your musical side. If your spouse has helped you discover something about yourself, this is a great time to say thanks.

David and Claudia Arp are the founders of Marriage Alive (www.marriagealive.com). They are the authors of numerous books including 10 Great Dates (Zondervan).

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