Good Neighbors

Love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:31).


WEEK 1: Love Is ?

GET STARTED: Tell your kids there's an expression that talks about "putting the cart before the horse." Ask what they think it means (getting the order of things mixed up). Can the cart move if the horse is behind it? Invent other sayings that mean the same thing.

TALK IT OVER: Ask someone to read Mark 12:29-31. Last month you talked about the most important commandment. Why is it hard to love others if we don't love God? Explain that this month you'll talk about loving others.

WRAP IT UP: Help everyone learn what love is from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, the "Love Chapter." Show your family this simple game to remind them of what love looks like. Hold up your right thumb. Sometimes we twiddle our thumbs when we wait. Say "love is patient." Hold up the right pointer finger and stroke your other hand as you say, "Love is kind." Notice how your thumb and pointer form a "J." Say, "Love is not jealous." Now add your middle finger. Show everyone that it's the tallest and could boast, but "love is not boastful or proud." End with a prayer asking God to help you show love to each other this week.

WEEK 2: Friends and Neighbors

GET STARTED: Gather in a circle with you at the center. Have everyone else hold their fists in front of them. Work your way around the circle and say, "Rich man, poor man, beggarman, clerk. Doctor, lawyer, repairman, nurse," tapping one fist for each character. The fist tapped on "nurse" is out of the circle. Repeat until only one fist remains.

TALK IT OVER: Ask someone to read Luke 10:25-37. En-courage your family to think of all kinds of different people in your community. Then ask, "Which of these people are we supposed to love?" "Why does God want us to love others?"

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