7 Strategies for Protecting Your Marriage

How to survive temptation island
7 Strategies for Protecting Your Marriage

I'm not really into reality-based television. I've never seen Survivor, Boot Camp, Big Brother, When Good Pets Go Bad, or The Real World. And I have no plans to watch Fear Factor, Chains of Love, or Plastic Surgery Nightmares. The titles alone make me break out in a cold sweat! But I have a confession to make: My husband, Scott, and I did watch last season's Temptation Island, because, frankly, we couldn't resist all the advertising hype. But as we watched it and rolled our eyes, a surprising thing happened: We learned some valuable marriage lessons.

Scott and I were amazed at the constructive conversatations Temptation Island initiated—topics we probably wouldn't broach at the supper table—such as, "How can we avoid temptation?" and "How can we please each other?"

These are good conversations to have, especially in light of today's sex-saturated society. The Bible tells us to "guard yourself in your spirit, and do not break faith with the [husband] of your youth" (Malachi 2:15). Here are seven strategies to safeguard your marriage I discovered from the TV show and from more reputable sources.

1. Talk to Your Husband

Each week on Temptation Island, the four couples who'd been separated from their partners were able to send a video message to each other. Three couples did. They told each other honestly what was happening—their feelings, the situations they were in, who was nice, who wasn't so nice. Then they reaffirmed their feelings toward each other. The fourth couple took the silent treatment route. They didn't communicate, not even a "Hi. I'm still here." Guess which couple didn't survive?

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Ginger E. Kolbaba

Ginger Kolbaba is the author of Desperate Pastors' Wives and The Old Fashioned Way. Connect with her on Twitter @gingerkolbaba.

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