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September 2001

When Panic Attacks
When Panic Attacks
A close-up look at a disorder that affects 40 million lives—including mine
The Marriage Doctor Is In
After learning the hard way that bad things happen to good marriages, author and therapist Leslie Parrott shares her secrets to making your marriage thrive.
Risk-Proof Your Child
What you can do to safeguard your kid at school.
That Woman Next Door
That Woman Next Door
I thought she was a danger to my family . . . how could I love her?
Everyday Heroes
Everyday Heroes
Meet six women who are making a difference in our world
Do You Have These Symptoms?
7 Strategies for Protecting Your Marriage
7 Strategies for Protecting Your Marriage
How to survive temptation island
Pssst! I've Got a Secret …
Blabbing can be good for you—here's why
Are You a Slave to Your Schedule?
How to keep your family's calendar under control
School Violence
How teaching your child empathy can make a difference.
Is Ritalin Okay?
The Unpredictable Path
When your child's life doesn't follow your plans.
How Dads Can Bond
Simple ways dads can connect with a new little life.
Who's He Talking To?
Writing to Read
Books That Count
When Friendships End
Open Hearts, Open Homes
How you can change the life of a child through foster parenting.
Don't Sweat the Wild Hair
Homework Helper
I Kissed Guilt Goodbye
I Kissed Guilt Goodbye
How to stop being your own worst critic
Disciplining Other People's Children
Disciplining Other People's Children
From your child's friend in your house to the neighborhood kid on the playground, when—and how—should you step in?
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Novelist and nation-changer
Test Your Bible Power

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May 20, 2024
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
The risky call to love like Christ

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