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Homework Helper

The start of a new school year is a great time to help your kids establish good homework habits. The Sylvan Learning Center offers these tips for parents:

1) Let your child divide study time into 15-20 minute sessions with short breaks in between.

2) Help your child set short-, medium-, and long-range goals and offer plenty of praise as she meets them.

3) Encourage your child to review her assignments weekly to reinforce what she's learned during the week.

4) Play coach, not supervisor. Your role is to guide your child, not hover or take over. Ask directed questions such as, "How do you think this should be done?"

5) Teach your child that all assignments need to be done, even those she thinks are "dumb." If you think your child needs more of a challenge, talk to her teacher about enriched curriculum options.

6) Keep lines of communication open by asking about upcoming tests, projects, and events.

7) Seek help if you feel your child is struggling. If she's falling behind, consider a tutor who specializes in the area of concern.

8) Allow your child to face consequences. Failing a test she didn't study for or losing a privilege when she doesn't do her homework is part of the educational process, too.

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