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  • Hipster Meets WorldMember Access Only
    What are Millennials doing after college?
  • My Call to Attend a Secular CollegeMember Access Only
    How I learned to trust God in the midst of change
  • Is It Worth Going Back to School?Member Access Only
    It didn't add up financially, but God led me to a master's degree anyway
  • Christian Kids in Public SchoolMember Access Only
    It's a choice driven by my faith
  • Get SmartMember Access Only
    Finding the right fit for education
  • Why I HomeschoolMember Access Only
    The gift of teaching my own children
  • The Education DebateMember Access Only
    What to consider when deciding on your child's schooling
  • Summer-Style LearningMember Access Only
    Transform a long summer into a fun, educational adventure!
  • Hello, GoodbyeMember Access Only
    It seemed our life as parents had just begun when we packed our son off to college
  • From Victims to VictorsMember Access Only
    A school counselor's thoughts on the bullying "epidemic"
  • Q & AMember Access Only
    Fearing Unfaithfulness, a 'Co-ed' Wife and Stepfamily Tensions
  • The Grad School Survival ProgramMember Access Only
    How to send your spouse off to school without letting go of your marriage
  • Going PublicMember Access Only
    9 ways to help your child survive—and thrive—in the public-school setting.
  • High Hopes for High SchoolMember Access Only
    What you need to help your child succeed
  • Going PublicMember Access Only
    Parents have a lot of thinking to do regarding education. Here's how one family followed God to school.

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February 19, 2020
There Is No "Safe" Jesus There Is No "Safe" JesusMember Access Only
The risky call to love like Christ
May 25

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