Why I Homeschool

The gift of teaching my own children

I have been homeschooling our four children for 13 years, starting when my oldest began kindergarten. I love it more with each passing year, but it wasn't always that way. In fact, when my husband and I were considering various schooling options, I always said, "Homeschool is not an option." It wasn't that I thought there was anything wrong with homeschooling; I just knew it wasn't for me . . . but God knew better.

As I contemplated the potentially negative effects of exposure to secular ideas in public school, I felt uncomfortable with the idea of sending my daughter there. I didn't want to spend precious time every day sorting through the conflicting messages she might receive.

The nearest Christian school was still some distance away. And then there was the cost to consider. We weren't sure we would be able to afford it for one child, let alone any others to come.

Crunch time

As the deadline for kindergarten registration approached, our prayers for direction increased. I woke up one morning and distinctly heard the words, Consider homeschooling. Half-heartedly, I told God I'd consider it and reluctantly turned on my computer to do some research on homeschooling.

To be honest, I was hoping to find a loophole so I could go back to God and say, 'See, here's why I can't homeschool.'

To be honest, I was hoping to find a loophole so I could go back to God and say, "See, here's why I can't homeschool." It didn't happen. The more I researched, the more excited I got about the prospect. I told God I'd do it, but only if he gave me the patience to do so!

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Today's Christian Woman, July Week 5, 2014
Posted July 30, 2014

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