Christian Kids in Public School

It's a choice driven by my faith
Christian Kids in Public School

I am not a homeschooling mom. I am a Christian woman who sends her three children to public school. Seven hours per day. Five days per week. Eight months per year. And I am confident in my choice.

But I haven't always been.

I am one of a small number of moms in my circle of close friends who has chosen public school for my kids. And being in the minority can breed insecurity. When we get together and they talk curriculum, scheduling, and co-op groups, I have nothing to add to the conversation. That can be a lonely place.

What if I'm doing this wrong? The thought nags me as I listen to them discuss the best way to teach world history. Maybe I should pull them out of school, I think as they talk of the freedom to adjust education around family life. What if I'm dooming my kids to a skewed worldview? What if one of them decides the world has more to offer than Jesus does? What if . . . ? What if . . . ? What if . . . ?

Led to public school

For a couple years, I successfully suppressed these thoughts. But after my best friend told me she was ditching my team to join the ranks of the homeschool mommies, I cried. It was a blow. Our almost parallel lives were diverging, and I started seriously wondering if she was right and I was wrong.

My friend's decision caused me to think long and hard about the choices my husband and I made and why we made them. Yet even after worrying and wondering and thinking and praying about whether we were doing the right thing for our kids, I still had no desire—nor did I feel any sort of nudge from the Holy Spirit—to teach my kids at home.

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Kim Harms

Kim Harms is a regular contributor for Today's Christian Woman and freelance writer living in Iowa with her husband and three sons. In addition to writing, she operates 500 Dresses, a ministry providing clothing and sewing supplies to women and children living in poverty. Kim can be found online at or on Twitter at @kimharmsboymom.

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Today's Christian Woman, July Week 5, 2014
Posted July 30, 2014

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