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Family Night Fun

Get the gang together for this quick, easy devotional time.

Ages 3 and up

Point: Nothing is impossible when it is in God's will.

Gather: A hard-boiled egg, butter, a glass bottle with a mouth smaller than the egg, paper, matches, and a Bible.

Go: Peel the hard boiled egg and set it on top of the bottle. Ask the children to get the egg into the bottle by simply telling it to go in. Obviously, this doesn't work. Have the children share ideas on how the egg could be put into the bottle without breaking either the bottle or the egg. Then, lightly grease the mouth of the jar with the butter, hold the bottle sideways. Light a match and ignite the paper. Slowly slide the paper into the bottle. Place the bottle upright again and place it on the table. Set the egg vertically on the bottle so it seals the opening. The fire will create a vacuum as it uses up the oxygen and will suck the egg into the bottle whole!

Share: When I asked you how to get the egg into the bottle whole, you thought it was impossible, just as Jesus' disciples thought what Jesus had done was impossible. But with God, all things are possible.

Read: Matthew 21:18-22. Ask, "How did the disciples react when Jesus said that the tree would not bear fruit again?"

Remember: What I think just can't be done, God can do cause he's the one.

Pray: Ask God to help you trust in his love, wisdom, and power.

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Winter 2002, Vol. 15, No. 2, Page 10

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