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December 2003

A Saner Service
Great ideas for helping your little ones settle down in church
Family Time with God: November
Daily faith builders
"Is She Saved?"
"My daughter is 5. I have led her to pray to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior, but how do I know if she understood what she prayed"?
On a Mission
Making time for what matters most
Big Questions, Simple Answers
Handling your preschooler's spiritual curiosity is easier than you think
Building a Dream Team
Don't parent alone! Here's how to create a support network for your child
Living in Paradox Central
Your preteen is full of contradictions-mature one minute, a child the next. Here's how to cope
Teaching Compassion
Help your teenager start thinking of others
Praying for Keeps
Lift up your children…for life!
Angry Mom
"I have a hard time disciplining my 5-year-old without losing my temper. I try to stay calm, but I find myself getting so angry that I yell at him or sometimes even smack him. I know this isn't good, but I'm a single mom and I don't know how to deal with him. He has started hitting himself now and saying he's a bad boy, so I know my reactions are affecting him. I don't want to ruin him with bad parenting. Please help."
Family Time with God: December
Daily faith builders
A Broken Relationship
"I have a 12-year-old daughter and our relationship is very strained. She has admitted that she is scared of me because I have a hot temper, but I'm trying hard to change the way I respond to her. Still it seems as if she has a wall built around herself and I can't get through. I desperately want us to have a close, loving relationship but I don't know where to start."
Family Time with God: January
Daily faith builders
Play with Your Food
Conversation starters to get your teens talking at the table
Dealing with Dad's Drinking
"Our children-ages 16, 13, and 11-are really struggling with their dad, a non-Christian and an alcoholic. We pray for him often, but it's still difficult. When sober, he's a wonderful father and husband, but when he drinks he's sullen and moody. The older kids are pulling away from him. How can I help our children deal with this situation in a healthy way?"
Making Allowances
Everything you need to know about raising financially savvy kids in a material world
Teen-Proof Devotions
What do e-mail, CDs, and banana splits have in common? They're all keys to family devotions your teenager might actually enjoy.
Moms in Ministry
No, that's not an oxymoron, just a challenge. Meet five mothers who've made it work
Grief Matters
How to answer your child's questions about death
Fast Asleep Fast
Try these suggestions for sending your little one off to sleep

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There Is No "Safe" Jesus
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