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Broken Crowns

Election years—like the one just past—remind us that power and authority can be used for both altruistic and selfish purposes. It was true in Bible times, too. Some of the Bible's worst villains are kings and other leaders with power. Of course, there were also some saintly exceptions, including the "King of kings." See what you know about the Bible's nasty—and noble—kings.

  1. What New Testament king ordered a mass slaughter of infant boys?

  2. What prophet of Israel was a thorn in the sides of wicked King Ahab and his equally wicked wife, Jezebel?

  3. What was the name of the oppressive Pharaoh in the Book of Exodus?

  4. Rehoboam, the arrogant and tactless king who caused Israel to split into two kingdoms, was the son of what greater king?

  5. What man appealed his case to Caesar, so that he would face trial in Rome?

  6. What world-famous king of Babylon destroyed the Jerusalem temple and looted the city?

  7. What book describes the "King of kings and Lord of lords" riding on a white horse?

  8. The king of the wicked city of Nineveh repented in response to the preaching of what prophet?

  9. What leader of Israel was very reluctant to anoint a king over the nation?

  10. Where was Jesus when he was offered "all the kingdoms of the world and their glory"?

Who Said That?

"You are a king, then?" (Hint: someone speaking to Jesus.)

Do You Believe God Still Speaks Directly to People?

  • 63% Absolutely, the Holy Spirit is alive and well.

  • 34% Yes, but we need to make sure it's His voice.

  • 3% No, God only uses the Bible to speak.

Source: A non-scientific poll of 1,276 visitors to www.todays-christian.com.

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J. Stephen Lang is the author of 15 books about the Bible, including the recently published What the Good Book Didn't Say (Citadel Press) and Talking Donkeys & Wheels of Fire: Bible Stories That Are Truly Bizarre! (Warner).

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