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November 2004

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Come, Thou Long Unexpected JesusMember Access Only
Why Christ's incarnation is just as surprising today as it was 2,000 years ago.
Cooking Up CompassionMember Access Only
Spokane's impoverished women find hope and a paycheck in Christ Kitchen
No Place Like Home
No Place Like HomeMember Access Only
Why did the "most powerful woman in Washington, D.C." give up the limelight and move back home to Texas?
When Sex HurtsMember Access Only
Thousands of married women suffer from undiagnosed vaginismus—but there is hope.
Back to the BibleMember Access Only
How reading Scripture with spiritual seekers can help create Christ followers
Marrying … with ChildrenMember Access Only
How do we build a healthy blended family?
No Thanks!Member Access Only
How do I deal with my son's ungrateful attitude?
Loving the NeighborsMember Access Only
How do I respond to the married lesbian couple next door?
The Way to BethlehemMember Access Only
The figurines in my nativity set were drawn to the Christ child for different reasons, but God called them all.
Broken CrownsMember Access Only

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March 31, 2020
There Is No "Safe" Jesus There Is No "Safe" JesusMember Access Only
The risky call to love like Christ
May 25

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