Loving the Neighbors

How do I respond to the married lesbian couple next door?

A. When it comes to issues like homosexuality and same-sex marriage, many Christians feel caught between a rock and a hard place. Most of us aren't comfortable with the idea of homosexual relationships. We're concerned that redefining the historical and cultural definition of marriage will harm our children and ultimately undermine the very foundation of our society. But many of us have friends, relatives, or coworkers who are gay. Is it possible to oppose same-sex marriage but still reach out in love toward homosexuals?

There are many compelling arguments that support traditional marriage and refute the claims of same-sex marriage advocates (see some suggested resources at the end of this article). But before discussing the topic of same-sex marriage with gay friends and colleagues, we first need to educate ourselves about the nature of homosexuality itself.

In my work as a licensed clinical psychologist, I've found it's critical to distinguish between the homosexual person and the gay activist movement. As human beings made in the image of God, both heterosexuals and homosexuals are ascribed incomprehensible worth and value. But homosexual behavior grieves God because it violates his law and distorts his created intent for human sexuality (Exodus 18:22 Leviticus 20:13 1 Corinthians 6:9).

As Christians, we're called to love homosexuals, and we always should treat gays and lesbians with respect and dignity. But I believe God also would have us stand up against the very real evil that's represented by the gay activist movement, which often engages in deception and manipulation.

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