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Family Time with God: October

October/Up in the Sky

How to use this section: On this page, you'll find Fun Stuff, monthly activities for your family, and Did You Know, an interesting story to tell your kids. On the pages that follow, you'll learn a new Bible verse a week. The verses are divided into three parts: Preschoolers memorize the words in bold. Elementary kids memorize the words in bold and italics. Teens and parents learn the complete verse.

Fun Stuff

October 3: Sun Prints Provide a piece of construction paper for each person in your family. Arranges leaves, pebbles, twigs, or flowers on the paper, then place the paper in a sunny place (indoors or out) for two hours. When you remove the leaves or flowers, you'll find that the sun has faded the paper and created a beautiful print.

Did You Know? October 4

Awana Clubs International is designating October 4-10, 2004, as Awana Week. Each day has an outreach emphasis, culminating with a Saturday service-to-the-community day. Even if your children do not attend an Awana club, encourage them to participate in some type of community outreach project during the week.

Suggestions include:

  • Running errands for shut-ins or the elderly.
  • Collecting clothes for a mission or shelter.
  • Cleaning up a park.
  • Baking cookies, making bag lunches, or writing encouraging notes to the service people in your community: police, firefighters, paramedics, etc.
  • Making cards for seriously ill people in the hospital.

What ideas can your family think up?

What Is Awana?

Awana® is a nondenominational youth ministry committed to reaching boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and training them to serve him. To learn more about Awana and locate an Awana club near you, visit www.awana.org/about.asp

Up in the Sky
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 List 10 things you can find in the sky. 2 Family Forum: Read Genesis 1. Talk about what it might have been like to watch God create the world.
Week 1 The SunPsalm 136:1,7-8Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.Who made the great lights—His love endures forever. The sun to govern the day, His love endures forever.
3 Thank God for creation! 4 Plan a service project for Awana Week. 5 Learn Psalm 136:1,7-8. 6 Make a sun print. 7 Share some sunshine by being kind to a neighbor. 8Family Forum: How does the sun help us? 9 Invite friends and family to join you in a community service project.
Week 2 The MoonPsalm 136:9The moon and stars to govern the night; His love endures forever.
10 Have eggs "sunny-side up" for breakfast. 11 Read about the phases of the moon. Which phase are we in right now? 12 Learn Psalm 136:9. 13 Say Psalm 136:1,7-9. 14 Read Joshua 10:6-14. 15Family Forum: Why did Joshua want the sun and moon to "stand still"? 16 Go for a moonlight walk as a family.
Week 3 The StarsDaniel 12:3Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.
17 Pray for the people in your church. 18 Learn Daniel 12:3 19Family Fun: Make stars out of cardboard. Glue glitter on the stars and hang them from the ceiling. 20Family Forum: Read Psalm 147:4. Could you count all the stars? What does this verse tell us about God? 21 Try to "shine" with wisdom today. 22 Stargaze with your family tonight. 23 Use black construction paper and white chalk to draw a picture of the night sky.
Week 4 CloudsPsalm 147:8He covers the sky with clouds; he supplies the earth with rain and makes grass grow on the hills.
24 Describe the sky on the way to church. 25 Make a cloud. Look online or in a children's weather activity book for instructions. 26 Learn Psalm 147:8. 27 Thank God for clouds and rain! 28 Read Genesis 7:13-24. 29 Noah's ark was 450 feet long. Try to measure that distance. 30Family Fact: Did you know the ark could have held more than 4,000 cars?
31 Review your sky verses.

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