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September 2004

Sweet Surrender
How disabilities advocate Joni Eareckson Tada is letting God use quadriplegia to transform her life, our culture, and disabled people's lives worldwide.
The Silent Epidemic
The Silent Epidemic
Countless Christian women are battered every day. Here's how to respond if you or someone you love is abused.
Weigh To Go!
4 ways to help your child win the battle of the bulge.
Just Say "No"!
Why it might revolutionize your life.
Hopelessly Devoted
Our family quiet times were anything but quiet!
Drawing Closer to God
How a spiritual director can help you grow in your faith.
Soup's On
How one family serves up neighborly friendship.
Prescription for Guilt
My friends think that as a Christian I shouldn't need to take antidepressants.
Could My Teen Be Gay?
We're worried about his disinterest in dating.
Is it OK for Christians to have cosmetic surgery?
No TV show regularly records what happens after the "reveal" on programs such as Extreme Makeover.
The Day I'll Never Forget
Others perished in the Pentagon on 9/11. Why didn't I?
The To-Don't List
6 rules every parent needs to follow
Family Time with God: September
September/School Rules
(Almost) the Last Lap
"Some days it feels like my 11-year-old doesn't need much parenting; other days I feel like I'm still dealing with a little boy. Can you help clarify my role during these years?"
Family Story Time
Teacher Talks
Power-Packed Prayers
How the Bible can strengthen your prayers for your kids
Family Time with God: October
October/Up in the Sky
Nursery Notes
Clutter Control
Building Better behavior
Mr. Know-It-All
"It's recently come to my attention that my 11-year-old has a reputation as a know-it-all, and he's losing friends and annoying grow-ups, mainly his teachers. We've payer with him and recommended he hold his tongue when he hears someone say something he's sure is wrong (he does have a very high IQ), then come home and write about it in a journal or put it in a storyboard form. Do you have any other suggestions?"
Just for Kids
Use this guide to choose chores that fit your child's age, ability, and personality.
Show and Tell
"I recently caught my six-year-old son and a seven-year-old girl we know showing each other their private parts. How do I clearly explain the severity of their actions without blowing it out of proportion?"
Listening for God
How an ancient method of prayer can deepen your teenager's faith.
The Moms Next Door
"Our five-year-old has a friend whose parents are a lesbian couple. My daughter has started asking me why there's no daddy in their house. I believe what the Bible says about homosexuality, but how do I talk about it in a way that my child can understand?"
Media-Wise Parents
"I like to think of myself as a hip mom, but I have to admit I'm appalled by the sexuality and vulgarity in today's music and movies. Other than throwing out the TV, how can I protect my teenager from all these media influences?"
Good Housekeeping
You already know how housework benefits you. But you might be surprised by what it does for your kids.
Mr. Stoffregen and the Neem Tree
How an ordinary North Carolinian is planting hope in West Africa.
The Cost of Honesty
A brief lesson on everyday integrity.
Lost in the Gay Debate
A close family member has begun to live as a lesbian. What should I do?
Close Calls

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There Is No "Safe" Jesus
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