Power-Packed Prayers

How the Bible can strengthen your prayers for your kids

Wash laundry. Cook meals. Celebrate birthdays. Attend parent-teacher conferences. Chauffeur, chauffeur, chauffeur. Countless tasks fall on a parent's shoulders, but one responsibility rises above the rest—prayer. And that's powerful stuff!

Yet many of us find ourselves unsure of how to tap into that power. In a recent Focus on the Family article, author Bob Hostetler wrote, "For years I prayed daily for my two children. I prayed for God's blessing and protection throughout their days. I prayed for them to be happy. I asked God to help them through difficult times and to help them make wise choices. My prayers were regular, heartfelt and, for the most part, pedestrian and repetitive."

I can relate. My conversations with God often sounded like a parrot with limited vocabulary: "Dear God, bless my children. Keep them safe. Amen." In my heart I wanted to pray more deeply, but I didn't know how to change. Then the answer came.

After we moved to a new community, a mom introduced herself at the school bus stop. "Would you like to join our Moms in Touch prayer group?" she asked. She explained that several mothers met weekly, praying the words of the Bible for their children and their children's schools.

Praying from the Bible? That's a novel idea, I thought as I accepted her invitation. Little did I know that the experience of praying Scripture would change my life, transforming prayer into an essential part of my faith journey.

In all honesty, the first meeting intimidated me. These women pray so eloquently, I worried. What if I say something wrong? Eager to "do it right," I listened intently and realized that biblical prayer was simpler than I'd thought.

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