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The Taxman Cometh

In Bible times, as in our own, people thought of taxes as a necessary evil—and probably more evil than necessary. With Tax Day 2005 behind us, see if you can answer these questions about taxation in the Bible. (If you get them all right, consider yourself in a "higher bracket.")

  1. What "wee little" tax collector climbed a sycamore tree to get a glimpse of Jesus?
  2. What emperor's taxation edict led to Jesus being born in Bethlehem?
  3. Who advised that the Egyptians be taxed 20 percent of their produce in order to prepare for a famine?
  4. By what other name was the tax collector Matthew known?
  5. What rich king was said to have placed a "heavy yoke" of taxation on Israel?
  6. In what peculiar place did the disciple Peter find a coin for paying taxes?
  7. What Old Testament leader warned the Israelites that having a king would involve oppressive taxation?
  8. In one of Jesus' parables, what person is contrasted with the humble, contrite tax collector?
  9. In what letter did Paul tell Christians, "If you owe taxes, pay taxes"?
  10. Which book records a tax being imposed on the whole Persian empire?

What Services Does Your Church Offer During Holy Week?

96% Easter Sunday
64% Good Friday
44% Maundy Thursday
21% Easter Vigil (Saturday night)
16% Other
9% Seder (Jewish Passover)

Source: A non-scientific poll of 494 visitors to www.todays-christian.com.

Who Said That?

What New Testament person told tax collectors, "Don't collect any more than you are required to"?

Click here for answers.

J. Stephen Lang is the author of 15 books about the Bible, including the recently published What the Good Book Didn't Say (Citadel Press) and Talking Donkeys & Wheels of Fire: Bible Stories That Are Truly Bizarre! (Warner).

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