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Angels We Have Heard

How much do you know about the what the Bible says regarding these divine heralds and helpers?

Angels have become part of the pop culture landscape, often appearing as cuddly and adorable tykes with wings, and many people think of them as "spiritual pets" at their beck and call. Such images are a long way from the angels of the Bible, who are often, to put it mildly, extremely intimidating beings. Angels are God's messengers and do come to people's aid at times, but "cuddly" would be the last word to describe the angels in the pages of Scripture. At this season of the year, when angels seem to be on everyone's mind, see how much you really know about these divine heralds and helpers.

  1. Which biblical figure had an awe-inspiring vision of six-winged angels called seraphs?

  2. Who encountered a sword-wielding angel that identified himself as "commander of the Lord's army"?

  3. Who had a dream about a stairway to heaven, with angels ascending and descending it?

  4. What invading empire's army of 185,000 men was struck down by the Lord's angel?

  5. What devout Roman official was seized with fear when visited by an angel?

  6. In the Book of Judges, what hero's birth was foretold by an angel?

  7. Which of the four Gospels says that the stone over Jesus' tomb was moved by an angel?

  8. Who are the only two angels named in the Bible?

  9. Which imprisoned apostle was delivered from his chains by an angel?

  10. What Old Testament hero witnessed an angel setting food aflame with his staff?

Bonus Puzzler

  1. What is the most "angelic" book in the Bible, mentioning angels 78 times?

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J. Stephen Lang is the author of 20 books about the Bible, including the recent The Bible on the Big Screen (Baker) and The Big Book of Bible Bloopers (Harvest House).

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