4 Ways to Rekindle Intimacy

Don't just tell your mate you love her.

Tell her why you love her. She knows you love her; she craves to know why. Adding "because" at the end of "I love you" increases intimacy in your marriage. "I love you because you're so unselfish …"

Reintroduce the element of surprise.

Identify patterns and break routines. Become unpredictable. Celebrate anything and everything. Buy the unexpected present. Take an unplanned trip.

Strive to out-please each other.

Out-pleasing each other means putting your spouse's happiness first—especially in the mundane moments of life. When he washes the dishes, respond by keeping the kids out of his hair while he's watching the football game. But …

Don't keep score.

Marriage breaks down when you constantly compare your sacrifices to your mate's. Concentrate on your giving and you will become one.

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Intimacy; Love; Marriage; Romance
Today's Christian Woman, Summer, 2006
Posted September 12, 2008

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