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Men Roar Back

Until I read Jim Killam's article "We Are Men. Hear Us Roar" [Fall], I thought I was all alone. I don't mind watching Sense and Sensibility as long as my wife is beside me on the couch. And I'm still taking dancing lessons even though I sometimes feel like a dancing ox.

But I thought I was forever going to be the only one to say, "Let's have the women volunteer once to watch an action movie" or "Why can't a woman bring up a problem and actually try to develop a solution with her husband?" I scribbled notes all over the article's margins, and I'm sure my wife and I will talk a lot about this one.

Dirk Manley
Chesterfield, Virginia

Women have told me I need to get in touch with my "feminine side." Well, I don't have a feminine side. But one thing I did need to change was to stop being selfish and start to find out what my wife needs from me.

Melvin Sluder
Cleveland, Tennessee

There is nothing funny about men being made to feel inferior because they are male. Men who celebrate their maleness are viewed with suspicion at best, or as Neanderthals at worst. This attitude does serious damage to young men and boys. Males in public schools can be seen as "toxic." Everything is their fault. Nothing about being a boy is celebrated.

How about a follow-up article: We Are Boys. We are Male. We are Proud.

Stephan Kaatz
Paoli, Pennsylvania

A Mysterious Surprise

During the first few months of our marriage we went through a lot of changes. Then we received your magazine in the mail. We don't know who gave us the gift subscription, but it has helped us tremendously in our walk with the Lord. I want to thank the person God used to bless our life.

Stephanie J. DeYoung
Rochester, New York

Abusing Rituals

The article "Sticking Together" by Mary Pipher [Fall] encourages families to develop traditions and rituals. When I was a child I felt that ritual was so boring. I prayed that I would have a right-brained child who wouldn't compartmentalize time like my family did. I just wanted one thing that was spontaneous.

Today, I try to not regulate my son's schedule, and last year he was only tardy once! Don't assume that everyone loves rituals. We are all different, so ask your children what they like.

Kim Cathcart
Piqua, Ohio

Going Behind Bars

Some time ago I requested issues of Marriage Partnership to send to a county jail. I had already purchased a copy and sent it to my husband who is a Christian and is incarcerated. After he read it he began sharing your wonderful articles with other inmates.

The guys were so interested that the magazine was passed from one man to another. Now, thanks to you sending four more issues, men all over the jail are reading of the power Jesus has to restore and revitalize marriages!

Name withheld by request

No Finger Pointing

I found your magazine online while searching for help for my son's marriage. Often, no one on the outside knows problems exist until it's too late.

I am sending Marriage Partnership subscriptions to all of my children. I appreciate the fact that you help couples avoid placing blame and point them to the Scriptures. I wish you had been around when I needed you years ago.

Esther McDaniel
Meridian, Mississippi

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Husbands; Marriage; Men
Today's Christian Woman, Winter, 1997
Posted September 12, 2008

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