Handling the Angry Ex

Ken's side:

I was trying to keep peace
When I first met Lucky, I wasn't ready for another relationship. With a divorce only three years behind me, the thought of marriage left a knot in my stomach. But Lucky's zest for life and outgoing personality soon changed my mind. She made life fun again—and introduced me to Christ in the process. We got along so well that I soon forgot the misery of my former marriage.

We got married after three years of dating. My two boys stayed with us on weekends, and Lucky's son moved in with us. We became one big happy family. Life just couldn't get any better. Except for one thing. Because of the boys, I had to maintain contact with my former wife.

We rarely spoke to each other without her throwing in a cutting remark or accusing me of something. When she called, I just kept quiet. When something had to be resolved I gave the phone to Lucky. She was good at finding solutions, and she kept the boys in line better than I did. In fact, Lucky could handle just about anything in our relationship, which was a great relief to me.

Our marriage was sailing along smoothly when Lucky started to change. Her moodiness put our relationship on edge. When I asked her what had changed, she snapped back and stated I had to resolve my issues with my former wife. I couldn't understand this about-face in her attitude. Sometimes she'd blow up after my ex-wife called and call me "cowardly" or "spineless." All this time I had been living with a volcano.

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Marriage; Remarriage; Step-parenting
Today's Christian Woman, Spring, 2002
Posted September 30, 2008

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