He Wants to "Just Do It"

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Q. When my husband and I have sex, he won't caress or kiss me. He just wants to do the act. When I ask him for some affection, he gets angry and says I shouldn't tell him what to do. I've tried to let it go, but I really crave his touch! Why is it so difficult for him to be affectionate during sex?

A. Most guys like to think of themselves as strong, capable, and reasonably bright. One factor in our growth as men is developing wisdom to go with our strength. And one area where that factor is important is in our sexuality. We have a lot riding on our ability to make a conquest, a drive fueled by our testosterone. Once our arousal gets in gear, the blood drains out of our brain and wisdom can get bypassed.

Many times men don't understand that by investing in foreplay and being affectionate with our wives, we reap huge dividends not only sexually but relationally. This seems to be the case with your husband.

We recommend having a serious discussion with him to help him understand your desires. Find a good time and set the stage for your husband's most receptive mood. Let him know you're struggling with something and need his help. Explain your frustration only in terms of your feelings, not his behavior. Resist the temptation to accuse him in any way, which will only shut down his receptivity toward your feelings. Stick to discussing your desire for sexual fulfillment and the fact that he's the man you want.

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