A Second Chance at Life

My husband's brain tumor was the last thing we expected.

Photo by Steve Greiner

Kevin's headaches started the day before our wedding. He woke up that morning feverish, his head throbbing. Thankfully, the pain subsided and he felt much better on our wedding day. We enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon in the Caribbean, but soon after we returned home the headaches came back.

At first, I joked that my new husband was allergic to me. But as the frequency and intensity of Kevin's headaches brought on fatigue and depression, I worried that getting married had somehow upset his equilibrium. Kevin is a born athlete—a tremendous runner, an avid tennis player and a fierce competitor on the basketball court. But when the pain consumed him and he said he didn't have energy for anything else, I feared he was making excuses. Maybe in reality he wasn't happy in our marriage.

Then December came and I wanted to get ready for our first Christmas. When I suggested we go out to find a tree, Kevin said he didn't want to bother getting one. What on earth would keep a young couple from hunting for their first Christmas tree? Although we did eventually get one, I wondered what my husband's headaches would do to our marriage.

And it wasn't just our marriage that was affected. One day Kevin came home and told me about an incident at work. While sitting at his computer, he was practically paralyzed by the intense pain in his head. When he checked with his doctor, he got a prescription for painkillers. Later, when the medication didn't diminish the intensity or frequency of the headaches, the doctor lectured Kevin about his posture while sitting at the computer.

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