Separated by War

Operation Iraqi Freedom has at least temporarily split up thousands of military marriages. Four couples discuss how they're dealing with it.

Separations are nothing new for military couples.

Most military marriages have endured temporary splits—a few weeks here, a couple months there. And for American military couples, those separations usually come during times of peace.

But this time it was war. With some 300,000 troops stationed in and around Iraq—not to mention thousands more trying to keep the peace in Afghanistan and other places—tens of thousands of couples are facing their first wartime separation. And it's scary.

Did you know? Of the 4.2 million military members, nearly 60 percent are married with families.

MP talked to four Christian couples who've been split up by Operation Iraqi Freedom—four wives who are Stateside, and two of their husbands deployed in the Middle East. (Note: Some of the couples we interviewed asked that we not use their last names or hometowns.) Despite these couples' fears and longings, we think they're handling it extremely well. And we think we all could learn a little something from these brave souls who are enduring not only the temporary break-up of their families, but putting their very lives on the line.

Here are their stories.

"I've Had Sleepless Nights"

Darren and Carla Davis
Hampton, Virginia
Married 9 years

Shortly before Darren Davis left in early January for Operation Iraqi Freedom, his family had something to do.

"We took a family picture," says Darren's wife, Carla. "It was one of those things you do, just in case."

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