Take a Hike!

Our annual marriage check-up is a great thing. But does it have to involve so much sweat?

Bright spring sunshine creeps through the lace curtains, throwing a filigree of shadows across the wood floor and spilling over the rose comforter of our canopy bed. I wake to the aroma of fresh coffee wafting beneath the French doors of our suite, and stretch luxuriantly across the deep, soft mattress, anticipating the morning banquet that will soon be delivered to our room.

Victoria, my wife of seven years this very morning, slips out of bed, returning a moment later with a tray laden with sugar, fresh cream, and a tall, steaming carafe of coffee. Life is good.

Vic sets the tray on the small breakfast table and murmurs, "Don't forget to wear your hiking boots."

Ah, yes, today we're going hiking.

Life isn't quite so good as I'd supposed.

Checking the state of the union

Our annual state-of-the-Perkins hike began on our second anniversary as we were strolling along the beach in southern Oregon, holding hands as we remembered aloud the highlights of our first year together. Both of us come from a ministry background and are firm believers that our marriage is a house of ministry. The better we maintain the house, the better it can withstand the occasional storm.

Now it's an entrenched activity of our annual getaway, complete with notepads, pens, and PDAs (that's Personal Digital Assistants, though Public Displays of Affection are often involved, as well). It's our opportunity to sum up the events of the last 12 months and set goals for the coming year.

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