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Shopping That Helps

Want to do some shopping that will actually help the poor rather than hurt them? Here are a few websites with information, products, and more.

Target Earth. A national movement of Christians dedicated to caring for our world-wide neighbors and the earth. Offers information and ways to get involved.

Evangelical Environmental Network. A Christian organization to help honor God through protecting the environment. Offers resources and information.

Restoring Eden. Christian organization that offers resources and information about the stewardship of the earth.

Bead for Life. Sells beads, jewelry, and shea butter produced by women in developing countries. This provides a way for them to earn a living, which in turn helps provide food, education, and more for their children.

Trade As One. Jewelry, scarves, coffee, and chocolate. Plus info about fair trade. Trade As One also employs women to help lift them out of poverty.

Fair Trade USA. Offers information about fair trade and why it's important.

Grounds for Change. Provides helpful info about the devastating economic impact of cheap coffee on farmers. Sells coffee, tea, and chocolate, and has profiles of the various plantations that provide these products.

Pura Vida. A fair trade coffee company, which also runs a charitable organization to help coffee farmers. Offers information, and sells its private label coffee and tea.

Sweet Earth Chocolates. Has organic, fair trade chocolate both retail and wholesale.

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Today's Christian Woman, December , 2010
Posted December 1, 2010

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