My Husband and Mrs. Quidd

Can modern technology prevent my husband and me from choking each other in the front seat?

We have a new friend in the family. With her charming British accent, helpful demeanor, and knack for perfect timing, Mrs. Quidd, as we fondly call her, has changed the way we do things around here. No, we haven't hired a housekeeper. My husband purchased a portable GPS (global positioning system). And the ramifications are staggering.

On its first day out of the box, my husband and I headed out the front door for our usual stroll around the block. The GPS came with us.

"You're bringing that with you?" I eyed the apparatus suspiciously. After all, we'd walked around the block umpteen times without ever getting lost.

"Absolutely." Keith fidgeted with our new friend. "I want to see where we are."

"Ummm. We're right here, in front of the house."

Keith's chest puffed out a bit. "Yes, but now I can see exactly where we are, and exactly how far we've walked." He glanced down and began pressing buttons.

"It's 2.4 miles around the entire block," I assured him. "I measured the distance with our car when we first moved into the neighborhood."

Undeterred by this information, Keith continued to consult with his new toy. And I tried hard not to roll my eyes.

When we returned home, Mrs. Quidd assured us that it was indeed 2.4 miles around the block. And I realized that Mrs. Quidd was here to stay and was going to continue to give us directions everywhere we went.

Following Her Every Command

What truly amazes me is that my husband, who isn't particularly fond of receiving advice of any type while driving, actually paid for this innovative gadget that virtually never stops offering definitive suggestions in our car. In a woman's voice.

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