How I Found God in Bed

God deliberately taps into our marital experiences as he tries to convey the passion, the commitment, the deep longing, and unshakeable love he has for us.

A lot of people say that they find God in the beauty and wonder of nature, and while I am very happy for them, I find it much more exhilarating to find God in the warm afterglow of a truly stupendous orgasm.

Before all you nature lovers fire off incensed emails about the breathtaking exquisiteness of nature, bear in mind that the breathtaking exquisiteness of nature also contains malevolent grizzly bears, blood sucking mosquitoes, and shockingly frigid water in which to drown. If you spend enough time in the beauty and wonder of nature, you will find that the beauty and wonder of nature basically wants to kill you. This is, after all, a fallen world. The lion and the lamb will one day lie down together, but until Jesus actually ushers in the Kingdom, the lamb would be prudent to keep a bit of distance from Simba.

Nature certainly reveals the power and creativity of God, but I don't think it directly teaches us about the love of God. The Swiss Alps are spectacular and a raging ocean inspires awe, but neither land nor sea is relational. And as noted earlier, the natural world is often deadly. Think blizzards, or Haiti.

But while nature is fraught with peril, I have never come remotely near death while in bed with my lovely bride. On the contrary, in bed I feel warmth and love and passion and loyalty and joy. So which is most reflective of the heart of God, the Grand Canyon or sex?

I find it significant that when God sought to give us a powerful analogy of his relationship to us, he chose to say the church is the "Bride of Christ." That's a staggering thought, but we're often not very staggered by it because we haven't taken the time to really let it sink in.

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