Inscribed on the Heart

Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer discusses the best ways to study the Bible for life-change.

Even in a brief conversation with Priscilla Shirer, you realize she doesn't just talk about the importance of knowing the Bible, she lives it—passionately. A Bible teacher, she regularly appears alongside Beth Moore and Kay Arthur at conferences, and has written several bestselling books, including Life Interrupted: Navigating the Unexpected (Broadman & Holman). She and her husband, Jerry, also co-founded Going Beyond Ministries.

Not only is she sharp in her Bible knowledge, she also clearly understands the difficulties of finding balance between pursuing spiritual disciplines and handling everyday chores.

"The enemy wants to put guilt on us, so that we think only spending three minutes in God's Word or having a card with a Scripture verse pasted to a mirror is trivial and won't make a difference," Priscilla says. "But God knows where we are and delights in us. He loves that one little verse being inscribed on our hearts and is using it to speak to us in the regular rhythms of our lives." Here's what else Priscilla shared with TCW about the spiritual practice of Bible study.

How should we prepare before we dive into Scripture?

Go to the Scriptures with an expectant heart that you can and will hear the voice of God speaking clearly to you. Don't approach it as something just to check off the list.

We get so used to approaching God's Word with familiarity and casualness that we forget that it's not just a historical book, but illuminated by the Holy Spirit. He causes it to become specific to our lives—living, active, and sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12).

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