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Three Questions for ... Sara Groves

Thoughts about understanding who God truly is.

Sara Groves marked a milestone in her career with the recent release of her tenth album, Invisible Empires, which our sister resource Christianity Today magazine called "another musical triumph." For Sara, her vulnerability and introspection in her music and her faith make her transparent and authentic. So we wanted to know her thoughts about understanding who God truly is.

How do you define God?

Sara: When I was in high school I used to crawl out on my roof and watch the stars, longing to know their Maker. I found a benevolent and engaged Creator who pursues his creation. He entered our stories through Christ and has a plan for now and for eternity.

How does that affect who you are?

Sara: The more I internalize and integrate faith into every aspect of my life, the more I see the fruit of it, whether it's patience in mothering or strides in my marriage. The itch I'm trying to scratch in writing music is figuring out how faith applies to life. The gospel speaks to every human experience. I want to write about how the gospel reflects the whole of life.

How does your faith affect how you relate to others?

Sara: If I write transparently—such as that my husband and I lost tenderness but that tenderness returned—others hear that too, and they begin to see things differently. I want the message of my life to be that I'm abiding in this Vine and am doing more than I could imagine. I bear fruit, then write music about it, and have other people express that God is great.

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Faith; Trusting God; Understanding
Today's Christian Woman, January/February , 2012
Posted January 1, 2012

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