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May/June Issue issue

May/June, 2012

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Tender PowerMember Access Only
Our view of El Shaddai may not be enough.
Jesus Loves Me Like a MotherMember Access Only
For many of us, our mothers have shown us the most sacrificial love we'll ever know.
His Healing HeartMember Access Only
God's provision of health reveals much about his nurturing character.
Mother to the MotherlessMember Access Only
God showed me he is more than just my heavenly Father.
A New View of GodMember Access Only
I'd always thought of the Lord with a slightly hard edge to him—until he opened my eyes to a different side.
Three Questions for . . . Amena BrownMember Access Only
Thoughts on what it means to be a woman made in God's image.
Meeting the God of Nurture
Meeting the God of NurtureMember Access Only
Explore and respond to the nurturing side of God.
Loved by a Gentle GodMember Access Only
The revolutionary power of tenderness.
When We Don't Understand
When We Don't UnderstandMember Access Only
One woman sees God's gentle hand through all of her losses
Mary Beth Chapman: Trusting God's Plan
Mary Beth Chapman: Trusting God's PlanMember Access Only
Mary Beth shares a bit of her personal story from marrying Steven to losing a daughter in a tragic accident.
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There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" JesusMember Access Only
The risky call to love like Christ

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