She's Got Issues by Nicole Unice

How one woman makes the daily grind something extraordinary in Christ.

Have you ever thrown a block of parmesan, followed by the grater, at your husband for commenting on a messy kitchen? If you have, did you then happen to sit down a week later to write a chapter about anger in a book about everyday issues?

Nicole Unice, author of the new book She's Got Issues, has. Anecdotes like the one involving a cheese grater make She's Got Issues a compelling read. Instead of saying, "Y'all are messed up and here's how," Nicole says, "We are all messed up. Let's look to Jesus."

As a young mother, Nicole reached a crucible moment when, as she was prepping for dinner, she thought, Is being a Christian supposed to change me? She writes, "The disparity between what I said I believed about the Christian life and what I was living became clear to me."

There were no desperate sins, no awful situation from which to be rescued. Just—life.

In the book, Nicole discusses five (and a half) everyday issues that infect our lives: control, insecurity, comparison, fear, and anger (with its relation, unforgiveness). While these aren't sexy issues, they are commonplace ones we all struggle with. We often laugh them off, giving them affectionate names such as "control freak," and disguise them as part of our personalities.

Secretly, though, we all know these nagging little issues keep us from living the full life Christ promises. By using personal anecdotes and illustrations, She's Got Issues reads at times like a self-help book with relevant checklists, action points, and journaling exercises.

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