Declare Dignity

A homeless man, God, and treating others as if they matter.

I assume he was homeless, though I don't really know. All I know is that he was shaggy and dirty, and he was knocking on the door of the Gold and Silver Buyers office where I work.

Buying precious metals is a new and fascinating experience for me. My friend Tom Davis has been setting up stores in our area as a ministry-based business. When he asked me to help, my response was, "I don't know anything about gold and silver—except that I like them!"

Well, I know more now, and I thoroughly enjoy the business. I meet people from every walk of life, and every one of them has a story. But I never had a homeless guy as a customer—until now.

Respectful Response

I spotted him through the glass door, standing with a friend, smoking a cigarette, and holding up something for me to see. Per our security setup, I had to decide, as I do with every customer, to buzz him in or not.

I had a sense of peace about this man, so I let him in. His friend stayed outside.

He smoothed his hair, walked over to the counter, and showed me what he had in his hands: a little locket that looked as though it had been run over by a car.

"I'd like to sell it," he said. "It's silver, miss."

I looked at the locket. Probably silver, but very small. My newfound expertise told me it was worth about a dollar.

I opened my mouth to tell him so, then shut it, feeling the need to pay attention to what God wanted to do with this encounter. And the words that became clear to me in that moment were, Declare dignity to this man.

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Differences; Listening; Obedience; Respect
Today's Christian Woman, September/October , 2012
Posted September 24, 2012

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