Investing in the Future

I'm grateful for the women who saw potential in me. Now I want to help others find their purpose.
Investing in the Future

Many years ago, I worked in marketing for a leading mobile phone company. While it was a fun time to be there, and I was learning a lot, after about a year and a half, I realized I felt empty. I couldn't understand why, though. After all, it was a high-energy job and I was working with the best marketers in the industry. I should have been riding high, but instead I kept thinking, I don't care about mobile phones. I don't care about the next wave of technology. I don't care about the product I'm helping promote.

That was a problem since communications and marketing had been my field of study and expertise.

The longer I worked there, the more confused I became. Whatam I supposed to do now? Deep down I knew: I wanted to use my skills and education—but I wanted to use them on something that really mattered. But what? What would it look like for me to put my gifts, energies, and skills into something I actually cared about?

Through soul searching and prayer, I realized that ultimately, what really matters to me is Christ, and what matters to him are people. I wanted to be part of an organization that had the same priorities, so I quit my job and went to work using my communication skills for Christian organizations.

Little did I understand that was the first step in moving me into what God had in mind for skills I didn't realize I even had!

Me, in women's ministry?

As I settled in and started to feel comfortable with my new job, someone from my church approached me about a women's ministry opportunity in which I'd provide leadership, shape direction, and invest in the other leaders. Although I felt passionate about women and women's issues, I'd never seen myself working in women's ministry; all the stereotypes surrounding it just were not me. Plus I didn't have a seminary degree, and I wasn't a Bible teacher. I thought those were the kinds of people equipped to lead in women's ministry.

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Leadership; Mentoring; Vocation; Women's Ministry; Work
Today's Christian Woman, November Week 2, 2013
Posted November 11, 2013

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