Natalie Grant: Making Music to Elevate the Fight Against Human Trafficking

The award-winning artist and mother of three opens up about her latest album release, ‘Hurricane,’ and her role in the fight against human trafficking

I caught up with singer/songwriter/activist Natalie Grant while she was in New York last month, the day after her eighth studio album, Hurricane, was released. The Nashville mother of three was trying to hail a cab the day of a Hurricane Sandy benefit for which she was performing. When I asked her where she was heading at the time of our conversation, she said she was off to purchase hairspray. Though assistants offered to run her errand, she insisted on going herself, because she wanted "just five minutes to myself."

This year Natalie has been busy: she's sung twice for President Barack Obama at the White House, released a new CD, performed at venues including the Grand Ole Opry, and took a supporting role in the 2014 anti-human trafficking film "Persecuted."

It's no wonder the 41-year-old needed a moment to herself.

But this is no odd departure from her history before this year: she's been named Gospel Music Association's Female Artist of the Year five times (most recently in 2012), and keeps busy as mother of six-year-old twins and a two-and-a-half-year-old. She is also carrying out work with Abolition International (AI), an international non-profit organization she founded in 2005. AI provides quality restorative aftercare to trafficking victims, both domestically and internationally. In fact, it was because of her human trafficking activism she was able to meet the President.

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