Called to Change the World

How you can do the same right where you are

I love seeing Christians use their jobs as launch pads into the kingdom. When we leverage our vocational power to help renew our cities and society, real transformation takes place. But with so many needs, it can be confusing to know how to jump in and use our gifts. How do we know what God's calling us to do?

Here are some steps that may help you discern the unique work God has for you:

First, get to know God and his passions and priorities. A lot of us say, "I want to know what my calling is." But in order to know our calling, we really need to get to know the Caller. As a friend of mine says, "The more we get to know the Caller, the better our listening muscles will be for hearing the Calling." So remember, God is the maker of heaven and Earth, and Jesus Christ is about the mission of renewing all things. God is at work in the world to advance beauty, wholeness, peace, reconciliation, security, and economic flourishing, and ultimately, intimacy with him.

Once we're connected to the Caller, we can then begin to consider the passions, personalities, life experiences, and gifts God has given us. We're handcrafted by God. He's given us unique interests and passions, and natural and spiritual gifts he wants us to utilize in this work of glorifying him and loving our neighbors.

When we pair our particular talents, gifts, and experiences with the needs around us, we advance kingdom priorities. We can leverage our vocational power right where we're at, in our jobs, in the organizations we work for, and in our communities. When we connect our faith with what we do from 9-5, five days a week, our lives help transform our industries and cities.

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Today's Christian Woman, October Week 3, 2013
Posted October 8, 2013

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