When You Are the Other Woman

The story of a redeemed adulteress
When You Are the Other Woman

Chances are you didn't wake up this morning and think: Yes, today is the day I'm going to meet a married man—and I'm going to want to be with him. I'm even going to want him divorced so that we can be together.

When I woke up that morning almost eight years ago, that thought never crossed my mind. Yet, by the end of that particular summer day, I'd met him, and I was instantly attracted to him.

And then I met his wife—that same hour.

Meeting her didn't stop me from feeling the attraction, but I didn't think I needed to be concerned. I was a good, strong Christian woman—I already knew that adultery is a sin, and I believed I could be stronger than the attraction.

I wondered what kind of mature Christian I would be if I couldn't handle being around a married man. So I didn't flee or guard myself. I kept willfully and naively choosing to participate in the same weekly events that I'd promised them. Yes, them: his wife too.

My false sense of invincibility

The truth is I was prideful: I thought I was above committing adultery.

The truth is I was prideful: I thought I was above committing adultery. I now understand how my pride gave me a false sense of invincibility. I felt shielded by my holier-than-thou mentality, but in fact I was deeply vulnerable to the sin I thought I was too good to commit.

"God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble," James 4:6 says. I was positioning myself to be opposed by the Creator of the universe. It wasn't my wisest moment.

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Today's Christian Woman, August Week 1, 2014
Posted August 6, 2014

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